Sharing desserts

Delicate bite-sized treats to create a sweet end to your meeting. Each platter is designed to cater for 4-5 people and will contain 18-20 bite-size treats


Indulge yourself with our selection of 20 of the finest cupcakes covered with a mixed variety of toppings.


A selection of fresh sliced seasonal fruit including Pineapple, Melon, Kiwi, Apple, Orange & Grapes.

Our small platter is suitable for 4-5 people
Our medium platter is suitable for 7-8 people


A selection of 30 biscuits including

  • Dark Vanilla Creams
  • Plain & Fruit Shortcake
  • Jam Rings
  • Milk & Plain Chocolate Digestives
  • Custard, Bourbon & Fudge Brownie Creams


Indulge yourself with our selection of 20 (30 for medium platters) mini Pastel de Natas


A match made in heaven... Chocolate & Strawberries:

  • Strawberry Cream Scones
  • Mini Chocolate Eclairs


A selection of wholesome bite sized cake slices.

  • Chocolate Cake
  • Moist Carrot Cake
  • Black Forest Gateaux


Choose from:

  • Mixed mini jam and custard doughnuts
  • Mini plain doughnut with Nutella dip


A Selection of:

  • Assorted Mini Muffins
  • Assorted Mini Cupcakes