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Corporate Catering & Sandwich Delivery in London

Superb, tasty homemade food delivered to you as fresh as the moment we made it. Is there anything more likely to make a positive impression on your clients, colleagues or visitors?

Whether you are hosting a training course, business conference or important client meeting, you can trust us to come up with delicious buffet, sandwich or breakfast platters freshly made every day.

With more than two decades of experience of catering in London, we've learned exactly what our clients demand. You want fresh, tasty food packed full of the highest quality ingredients and without any added or pre-packaged nasties. You want the flexibility to pick and choose what sandwich fillings you prefer. And, you want us to arrange your sandwich delivery anywhere in London at a time that suits you.

Our clients include HSBC, London Underground and Price Waterhouse Coopers - we deliver to everyone from large corporates to small offices. For amazing food designed to impress, get in touch with us now. We'd love to hear from you.