Hot & Cold Drinks / Alcohol

Wash your lunch down with something delicious. Whether you prefer a freshly squeezed juice, a mineral water or a soft drink, we can deliver it to you with your order.

Our flasks serve 10 portions of tea / coffee and come with milk, disposable cups, stirrers and sugar. We also offer the option of china cups and saucers for your business meetings.

We have included a limited range of alcohol for self-service. If you have any specific requirements, please email us.

Choose from a variety of Tea or if you want a selection, why not choose English Breakfast Tea and a separate flask with a Mixed Selection of tea bags. Each...

We don't just give you any filter coffee. Our coffee is the medium roast Spirit Blend from Union Hand-Roasted, who roast all their coffee to order in East...

Naturally pure and squeezed from only the choicest oranges, bursting with the delicious traditional taste of 100% pure orange juice.

A premium cloudy apple juice pressed from hand-selected apples.


Choose from Still or Sparkling, 500ml



Low in sodium, this is an English natural mineral water of exceptional taste from the Hildon Estate in Hampshire. Available in Still or Sparkling


Organic Roots Blanc from Bordeaux


Southern French, organic red much loved wine that is full of soft, bright fruits.


Choose from one of 3 beers available - minimum order of six

Minimum quantity for "Craft Beer" is 6.


Start your day with a glass of healthy smoothie (1 litre bottles are also available)


Start your day with a healthy smoothie. Choose from five different flavours