Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. And whether you want traditional bacon roll, a healthy burst of Vitamin C or something classy and continental, we have all the breakfast bases covered.

Why not get your day off to the perfect start by ordering one of our mouth watering selection of breakfast platters delivered to your door?

Unless otherwise described, our Breakfast Platters will cater for 4-5 people.

Freshly baked bagels filled with smoked salmon & cream cheese, cut into quarters and garnished with lemon slices.  20 quarters, serves 5.


Bagel platter for 5 people made up of Pastrami (Pastrami, sauerkraut, swiss cheese), Lox (Smoked Salmon, Cream Cheese, Red Onion, Tomatoes & Capers) & Egg & Onion (Egg Mayo, Spring Onion, Chives)


A healthy yoghurt pot, filled with a blend of greek & natural yoghurt and muesli to top. Yummy.

Minimum quantity for "Breakfast Muesli Yoghurt Pot x 10" is 10.


Our scrumptious Dorset Muesli packs are stuffed full of fruit, nuts and seeds and come in a variety of flavours. Served with milk

Minimum quantity for "Dorset Muesli & Milk x 10" is 10.


Start your day with a healthy smoothie bowl


A selection of fresh sliced seasonal fruit including Pineapple, Melon, Kiwi, Apple, Orange, Strawberries & Grapes. Serves 5 people, sure to impress.


Give staff a healthy treat with a selection of fruit for 10 or 20 people. Fruit will vary depending on seasonal availability but will include at least five different types of fruit. Our deluxe options includes red grapes, white grapes and strawberries/raspberries.


3 freshly baked croissants & 3 bagels filled with :

  • Ham & Cheddar Cheese
  • Scottish Smoked Salmon & Cream Cheese
  • Free Range Egg Mayonnaise & Crispy Bacon


3 freshly baked croissants & 3 bagels filled with :

  • Cream Cheese & Cucumber
  • Cheddar Cheese & Tomato
  • Free Range Egg Mayonnaise & Cress


A platter of 18 freshly baked

  • Mini Croissants
  • Mini Pain au Chocolat
  • Mini Pain aux Raisins

  • 5 Mini Blueberry muffins
  • 5 Mini Double Chocolate muffins
  • 5 Mini Danish Pastries

  • 3 Mini Croissants
  • 3 Mini Double Chocolate muffins
  • 3 Mini Blueberry muffins
  • 3 Mini Pain au Chocolat
  • 3 Mini Pain aux Raisins
  • 3 Mini Danish Pastries