Individual breakfast

All items in this section are individual portions priced in single units with bulk discounts available


Our freshly baked pastries are French, all butter, pastries and are made up of a selection of croissants, pain au chocolate and pain au raisin - a continental breakfast favourite.


Hot breakfast roll - choose from Egg, Bacon, Sausage, Vegan Sausage or a combination. Please note these will be wrapped carefully and transported in a heat-proof container but we cannot guarantee it will get to you hot as this is dependent on distance and traffic.

Minimum quantity for "Hot Breakfast Roll (Choose Filling)" is 1.


A healthy yoghurt pot, filled with a blend of greek & natural yoghurt and muesli to top. Yummy.


A selection of seasonal fresh fruit.  Minimum order of 5 fruit salads.

Minimum quantity for "Fruit Salad (individual)" is 5.