Catering for allergies

We make it easier to ensure all your attendees are properly catered for - see the menu item for Gluten Free on the left-hand-side. Please note that we do not have a dedicated gluten/nut/lactose free area but we take every effort to ensure limited cross-contamination. These options may not suit those that suffer from severe food intolerances.

Sometimes we may need to make last minute substitutes so please be sure to highlight in the comments box at checkout what food allergies we need to be aware of.

IMPORTANT NOTE: We generally will need 3 working days notice for GF breads but do get in touch if you are unable to give us this notice as sometimes we still have stock.

Gluten-Free Sandwich Bread

Our regular gluten-free bread is egg-free, lactose-free and gluten-free (see above caveat re substitutions). It also doesn't contain xanthum gum which some coeliacs avoid. It is a seeded bread containing quinoa, pumpkin & poppy seeds and is far superior to supermarket bread.

You can select ANY of our sandwich platter combinations as all give you the option of selecting bread-type including gluten-free bread. If you only have one person that is GF, you may choose to go for an individual 'packed lunch' sandwich rather than a whole platter.

Our breakfast roll is a brioche type roll which is delightfully light and tasty. Again, it is egg, lactose, xanthum gum free. We use this roll in our breakfast range.

Vegan / Lactose intolerance

We offer vegan margerine as an option. Under 'individual packed lunch', there are two options for vegan sandwiches. Some coeliacs also have an intolerance to lactose so all of our sandwich platters come with an option to check 'vegan margerine'.


The pesto we use is a nut-free pesto and this is the only pesto we use (subject to above caveat). A lot of our products contain no nuts but please check with us if you are catering for someone with a nut-allergy.